No Performance Zone

I usually skip over the Facebook posts of quotes on pictures because … well I just do. This one caught my attention because of my friend’s note at the top:

Evans Quote on Serving

“No performance zone …” 

If only that were true! I read this quote and all I hear is performance.

“God doesn’t want you serving Him only because you are supposed to”

So you are supposed to serve (perform) because you are supposed to, it’s just not the only reason you are to serve. That’s a bullseye in the performance zone.

“He wants you serving Him because you love Him.”

So in addition to serving (performing) because you’re supposed to, you’re also supposed to serve (perform) because you love Him. Double bullseye in the performance zone.

It’s this kind of teaching that leaves people exhausted and broken. When you look within and find a lack of love for God, what is there to do? You do more and try harder. Read more Bible, pray more, confess more, repent more, praise more … and hopefully you’ll feel more love for God so you will serve Him more. Or you give up.

So many gospel believing friends are trapped in the “performance zone.” You know Jesus died for your sins. You know you can’t earn your salvation. It’s all grace. So why isn’t that enough? Why the constant call for more and more with right motives?

When Jesus said “It is finished” he didn’t mean “I finished the first part, now I need you to get off the couch and serve Me and make sure you serve Me out of love.” He meant it is finished. All of it.

Listen, God doesn’t need your service! He’s got this. Jesus entered the performance zone and performed perfectly, for you. Jesus takes all your failure to serve God and all your failure to serve God out of love on Himself. At the cross Jesus died and with Him died all our failed efforts to serve God. And Jesus rose and declares us forgiven.

This is good news, liberating, freeing, joy-filled good news: it is finished! Rather than analyzing motives for serving Christ, simply rest in Christ’s finished performance for you.

And before you google “how to rest in God” and find an article telling you the “Ten Basic Steps to Resting in God”, just stop. Leave the performance zone behind. It is finished for you. Take a nap, watch TV, read a book, go for a bike ride, read the Bible, help a friend, whatever brings you joy. Really, you’re free. It is finished.